Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sketch Dump 11/03/2012

Sometimes I feel the need to take a breather. This is one of those times. Okay. Maybe I need a little more than a breather. I am so exhausted right now because I pushed myself in order to complete a certain commission in just 2 days. I've actually been given 10 days to do it so what I did was really crazy. But it got approved on first submission so it was well worth it. Other than it's an illustration for a popular card game based on a popular TV series, I can't say more about it but I'll make a post about it with the creative process included once the NDA gets lifted. I hope you guys will stay tuned.

Anyway, here are several quick sketches I did over the last couple of months. The first five ones are digital drawings while the next five were made using Letraset markers- my new favorite trad medium!

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