Sunday, November 4, 2012

Termite Bianca

This is my rendition of Marco Bianchini's Termite Bianca which will be included in the book called "Fantasia Termite Bianca - An International Tribute" published by Pavesio Editore.

I painted this artwork a few months ago. If I remember it correctly, I think I did this around... June this year? The biggest challenge I faced while I was doing this (aside from this being one of my few sci-fi illustrations) was the fact that I never knew a single thing about the character when I was asked to paint a tribute. I took my time researching. I went to every comic book store I knew, hoping I could find a copy of a Termite Bianca graphic novel. Unfortunately, I found none so I had to rely on whatever materials I could gather from the official website which happens to be written in Italian.

This is the output of my efforts. I'm glad Marco liked it and I'm really grateful for having been given the chance to be included in the upcoming book! It should be in book stores soon!

Sketch Dump 11/03/2012

Sometimes I feel the need to take a breather. This is one of those times. Okay. Maybe I need a little more than a breather. I am so exhausted right now because I pushed myself in order to complete a certain commission in just 2 days. I've actually been given 10 days to do it so what I did was really crazy. But it got approved on first submission so it was well worth it. Other than it's an illustration for a popular card game based on a popular TV series, I can't say more about it but I'll make a post about it with the creative process included once the NDA gets lifted. I hope you guys will stay tuned.

Anyway, here are several quick sketches I did over the last couple of months. The first five ones are digital drawings while the next five were made using Letraset markers- my new favorite trad medium!