Sunday, October 28, 2012

Komikon and STGCC 2012

To say that I enjoyed the recently held Komikon 2012 is an extraordinary understatement. I enjoyed being busy with all the on-the-spot commissions I did during the event. The only things I'm not so happy about are:

  1. Not having enough time to roam around and see the stuff from the other booths.
  2. As a result of it, having gone home with fewer Komikon loot compared to the previous one!
  3. Not having taken any pictures! The ones included in this entry are taken with permission from fellow Makasining members, Ferdinand Ladera and MJ Pajaron.
But I'm still happy because this Komikon was greater than the previous one! I mean there's also stuff in the hallways that used to be vacant during the previous Komikons that I have attended. Here are the pics!

Many thanks to the organizers of this event, to my fellow Makasining members and to my future wife, Dee! I should also give thanks to Teejay, CJ, and Jed for contributing to Charles' comic book entitled "Indie". Makasining welcomes Charles! Haha! Thanks to Zil too for assisting us! He is... the programmer of the group!

The next set of pics are taken by me and my beloved Dee during our trip to Singapore to attend the STGCC 2012!

It think it's fair to say that I learned a lot more about self-publishing and marketing because of our experiences from those two conventions.

I shouldn't forget to thank all who supported us and to our newly-found friends from abroad, Sheldon Goh, Lia Ong, and the rest of the Banshee Creative Family, it is a great honor to meet you! :)

Komiks is alive and well! And there will be more awesome stuff from Makasining in future kons! :D

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