Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Anggoy Alunsina WIP#2

My self-esteem has been waning steadily because of all the awesome work my friends have been posting lately. I really feel like I'm getting left behind. The good news is that I was able to get home earlier than usual tonight... or last night since it's already 12am here! Sheesh!

Here's WIP#2

I wasn't very happy with how I drew the drapery before so I modified the sketch a bit. The next time I work on this (hopefully tomorrow), I'll put some under-paint for the drapery. Something tells me I should have done that earlier but I got carried away while doing certain parts of the picture. My bad.  

I'm still concerned about the details I plan to incorporate such as the Pintados and the accessories but detailing comes last so I guess I'll just cross the bridge when I get there. 

I am so tempted to not go to the office tomorrow so I could spend more time on this!


  1. May feeling ako na instant fave na to pag tapos mo na... haha

  2. Haha. Sana. But fave or no fave, tatapusin ko to. Gotta get rid of my own episode of art stumping! Nuks! Art stumping. Copyright Deiv Calvis all rights reserved! O ha? May credits! Para hindi mo ko ihabla. La ko pera pang pyansa e! Hahaha! :D