Monday, September 12, 2011

Anggoy Alunsina WIP#1

This has been kicking my ass but I'm determined to finish it.

Anggoy Alunsina WIP #1

I've been wanting to do something based on Philippine Literature so here's my first piece in what I envision as a series of paintings based on Philippine myths and legends particularly the epic from Panay known as Hinilawod. Anggoy Alunsina is one of the characters in that epic. She is the maiden of the eastern sky. Sometimes, she is referred to as "Laun Sina" which means "the unmarried one" for many suitors including gods have failed to win her heart. This is where the story of Hinilawod begins.

More progress shots will follow soon so stay tuned! In the WIPs that will follow, I'll make sure to infuse this illustration with more Filipino elements. :)

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