Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Rage or something along its line is what I feel when a computer decides to crash before I get to save my work. F**king machine! I'm gonna miss that painting I was working on. It was a speed-painting of  landscape that I've been doing for 2 hours. Damn! I was too frustrated to repeat it so I decided to do some Green Lantern fan art instead.

Well... This guy here isn't green at all! But he does appear in the same title as his green-clad adversary. I've always wanted to paint Green Lantern but I do not yet have a solid idea about how I'm gonna do it so it'll be Atrocitus for now. I would love to paint all the prominent lanterns of each corps but I don't want to promise it. I think it's luck that gave me the spare 3 hours that I used to paint this so I don't know when I can make a follow-up if I can make one at all.

Hopefully, the next time I post here, I'll have more interesting stuff to share. I actually have been doing quite a handful of paintings lately. I just can't divide my time properly yet which is why I don't get to post here a lot.

Oh, by the way, I just found out that one of my paintings will be in issue 73 of ImagineFX. Cool! It'll be the first time my work is going to get published somewhere! I hope to get into Ballistic someday!

For a larger view of the painting I posted here, please go to my other gallery.

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