Sunday, December 5, 2010

The unnecessity of overbearing pride

There is a difference between pride and arrogance. There is a thin line between inspiring others and annoying them. Here is my explanation.

I'm not here to impress anyone. I am here to express myself. I am here to utilize what I have been studying for years. I am here to share my work to anyone who would take interest. I am here to work with anyone who might have use for what I could deliver. I don't paint just to make some cool shit. Each time I practice, I do so with insight because that's what I think an artwork's true worth can be measured with. If there's something about my work or my way of thinking that you don't agree with, it's probably fine. But know this.

I don't care how many awards you've won. I don't give a rat's ass about where you've been- or where you are for that matter. If you'll speak to me only to show me how high and mighty you are, I will by no means tolerate it.

Don't get me wrong. You are welcome to give your opinion about my work. And I would always respect critique that is properly given. But just because you are where you are- just because you're important, rich, popular or valid to a degree doesn't mean I wouldn't mind if you rub it in my face.

Fuck your arrogance.

No matter how accomplished you are, I will never look up to you as long as you revel in condescending to others. I have nothing against contests and awards but I am not insecure enough to believe that my validation as an artist is measured by how many medals I have. Why? Because believing otherwise damages self-esteem and I've been doing what I do long enough to know that it's not healthy.

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